As a Business Owner or Senior Executive –

Are you ever kept awake stressed about work?

• Are you worried about results?
• Are you concerned about the competition and/or the changing world of work?
• Do you expect more of yourself, your team or your business?
• Do you ever have conflict amongst the leadership team?
• Or, do ever you think you don’t have time to think about past or the future?

If you answered “Yes”, to any of the questions above, can you really afford not to take time out to assess what is actually happening in your business and what your competitors are doing which impact your business results?

Whilst some of you will be extremely busy at this time of year, some businesses experience a quieter period which is ideal to take time to reflect on the important factors which drive, and in some cases hinder, your business.

We would recommend that you review your finances in addition to using the SWOT methodology to assess your overall business. Looking at your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats will enable you to evaluate what you are doing well, and not so well, and understand the challenges you have faced and will face in the future and thus help you to plan for the year ahead.

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If you need help to carry out a SWOT analysis, or you need strategic advice about what steps to take next, please get in touch; or if you would like an independent advisor to discuss options with, we would be delighted to provide support and practical solutions to give you back that festive cheer!