People Management Specialists

Why choose us? We save you time, money and effort.
Get the confidence to simply run your business more effectively whilst making your workplace happier and more productive.

What makes us different?

As founder of Blake Murray Limited and with more than 20 years’ experience as a pragmatic, hands-on Leader of Performance and People Management, Bobbie Coughtrey has worked at a senior level in a range of companies, from family-owned to multi-national organisations, and across various industries.

Aspiring to make a difference, achieving success and solving problems Bobbie started her own business in 2009 working with business leaders and senior managers consulting with them on employment and people matters; she is often referred to as their “trusted advisor”.

Our Mission:
‘To motivate and nurture the managers of today and tomorrow’

Our ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop managers to think creatively, make sound business decisions and unlock their own potential and that of their teams to encourage positive opportunities.

Our Vision:
‘Creating the future of simple people management’

We influence the use of ethical business practices and progressive methods of managing people and refining business processes.  Combining the needs of the Company, their employees and their customers, underpinned by the philosophy of boundless possibility.

Our Values:
‘Acting in the best interest of our clients and keeping true to our values’
Practical, original, intuitive, sincere and effective.

Bobbie Coughtrey